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Service Providing & Repayment Agreement

Employer Signing Below:

Candidate Signing Below:



Speedy Solution Inc. Inc.  

2416 S Holden Rd, Greensboro






NC – 27407







The following agreement on the Repayment has been entered into on the date:                          between the:

I. Services.

Speedy Solution Inc. Inc. provides a diversified services’ which are mentioned below:

  • Mentoring and Coaching of various
  • Training on live projects for
  • Helping Candidate to find Employment directly/indirectly into the fields such as Information Technology, Engineering, Digital/Software Marketing Services and Computer (“Speedy Solution Inc. Career Area”)
  • Interview support or preparation for applied
  • Resume preparation according to the latest company/corporate
  • Support in documentations after a successful

The services mentioned above are provided based on availability of resources and may be utilized at Candidate’s option. Speedy Solution Inc. agrees to provide the candidate with those specific services identified above.

II. Payment Options.

  • Post receiving an offer for Placement, Candidate is liable to pay 15% of “Salary” to Speedy Solution Inc. in Seven (7) months before Upon receiving employment in a Speedy Solution Inc. Career area, Candidate agrees to:
  • Sign a declaration in the form of Exhibit B (the “Note”) authorizing repayment of the Note using ACH payments from his/her bank account or have his/her wages garnished by his/her employer in the same amount to be paid directly to Speedy Solution Inc.;
  • Sign the Background check authorization form and pay the first installment of the total payable to Speedy Solution Inc. before background check is initiated.

Until the Note is fully repaid, the candidate must pay Speedy Solution Inc. within seven (7) days after receiving any Salary payment. For any Note payment that is not timely made, Speedy Solution Inc. will charge Candidate a late fee of $110.00 and 11% interest will continue to accumulate on the unpaid amount until that Salary payment is paid in full and, at Speedy Solution Inc.’s option, upon a payment default it may accelerate the maturity of all the obligations evidence by the Note, all in accordance with the terms of the Note. Candidate is responsible for any and all costs Speedy Solution Inc. incurs to collect the Note, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and other costs incurred to collect amounts owed to Speedy Solution Inc..

If Candidate’s employment is terminated or Candidate leaves employment before fully repaying the Note,

  • The remaining payments will be paid from Salary from the Candidate’s next employment, (b) Speedy Solution Inc. will assist Candidate to find employment and (c) If necessary, the Note will be amended to reflect changed terms of repayment. If a candidate takes a leave of absence of more than one week under any circumstances, then the Note will be extended for the number of days, weeks or months of the leave. If the candidate dies before fully repaying the Note, Speedy Solution Inc. will cancel the remaining unpaid balance of the Note that existed on the Candidate’s date of death, and the Candidate and his/her estate will owe nothing to Speedy Solution Inc.

III. Notice of Job Change/Termination.

Candidate should provide proper documentation details as part of verification proof to Speedy Solution Inc. with in a time frame of seven days upon termination of employment, whether if it was voluntary or involuntary of release from position. An offer letter or any other evidence of documentation of employment with a new employer, with details of his/her new reporting supervisor’s name, email address, and contact details would need to be given from candidate. A failure in providing mandatory documentation notice would entitle Speedy Solution Inc. to continue in deducting funds through ACH payment, as discussed when accepting the position with Speedy Solution Inc. until the full amount due is paid.

IV. Right to Cancel.

Candidate may cancel this Agreement, without any penalty or obligation, at any point of time before getting a placement or offer after the date this Agreement is signed. Candidate can request a Notice of Cancellation form from Speedy Solution Inc. to complete or can mail notice of cancellation to Speedy Solution Inc. before getting offer or placement through Speedy Solution Inc..


No modification of this Agreement will be valid or binding unless in writing the and signed by the party to whom such wavier is sought to be enforced. A valid wavier of any term of this Agreement will not be deemed a waiver of any other term. If any term of this Agreement is held illegal or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such term will be deemed severable from remaining terms and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed this Agreement to be effective as of the last date that it is signed below.





Amish Zala, Authorized Signature




Background Check Authorization

I request my employer,                                                                                                to authorize my background check.

I understand that as allowed by law the company may rely on this authorization to order any background check reports without asking me for my authorization again 1) During my employment and 2) and companies other than the consumer reporting agency identified below.

I also authorize Speedy Solution Inc. Inc. with my past or present employers; learning institution, Including colleges and universities; law enforcement and all other private and local agencies; federal, state and local courts; the military; credit bureaus; testing facilities; motor vehicle records agencies; all other private and public sector repositories of information; and any other person, organization, or agency with any information about or concerning me. The information that can be disclosed to the consumer reporting agency and its agents includes, but is not limited to, information concerning my employment and earning history, education, credit history, motor vehicle history, criminal history, military service, professional credentials and licenses.

By signing Below, I authorize company to obtain a background report containing the above listed information.


Print Name:                                               SSN: ___________              

Date of Birth:                                           


Applicant Signature:                                                       Date: